Disability and Business Overhead

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Disability and Business Overhead

Dentist Insurance Services offers long-term disability and business overhead coverage. The plans have been negotiated with the Guardian and Standard Insurance.

Berkshire Life offers “own occupation definition of disability,” meaning that a dentist is considered totally disabled if unable to do the substantial and material duties of his or her regular occupation. The coverage is non-cancelable and guaranteed continuable to age 65.

Disability benefits will be guaranteed and will not be reduced by Social Security disability benefits, income from other occupations, workers’ compensation, investments or other sources.

Benefits at a Glance

Personal Disability Policy

  • Dentist now eligible for “Lifetime”
          Own – Occupation Coverage
          Own – Occupational & Non-Cancelable
  • Up to $10,000 month coverage
  • Aggregate Individual coverage
  • Cost of Living Benefits (COLA) of 3% or 6%
  • Elimination Period – 1 month / 2 month / 3 month / 6 month / 1 year / 2 year

Business Overhead Expense

  • Own – Occupational and Non-Cancelable
  • Up to $30,000 month coverage
  • Key Man replacement feature available
  • Elimination Periods available – 1 month / 2 month / 3 month
  • Benefit Periods – 12 month / 18 month / 24 month

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