How Great is Dentist Insurance Services? Ask our Clients

As a dentist, finding the right insurance broker can be a daunting task. However, Dentist Insurance Services (DIS) has been praised by many of its clients for its outstanding service, competitive rates, and ease of application process.

Dr. Jeffrey Weiser wrote, "I have never encountered a doctor-friendly professional insurance broker like Dentist Insurance Services offers. The premium is extremely reasonable plus the company offers premium rebates as long as one maintains a policy. Thus far, I am very pleased."

Many customers have also praised our staff for their helpfulness and responsiveness. Dr. Judith Jenkins noted, "My agent Tessa was great--responded to my inquiries promptly. Was very helpful and knowledgeable. Very pleased with your service!"

Customers have also praised DIS for its fair premiums and great value. Dr. Christopher Kellum wrote, "I love being able to talk to Tessa about my insurance needs because she is very helpful and responsive. I also believe this company offers great value for the money."

Overall, Dentist Insurance Services has been highly praised for its outstanding customer service, competitive rates, and ease of application process. As Dr. Elyse Zarek summed up, "Better insurance for less money. They backed me when others wouldn't, and they provide great options." For any dentist in search of professional liability insurance, Dentist Insurance Services is a great choice!

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