Meet Team Plaque Attack, the DIS Red Bull Flugtag Team!


What do you get when you combine five dentists with a homemade flying machine and 30-foot drop into the Ohio River? Team Plaque Attack! On Saturday, August 27, the team made up of five recent dental graduates from NOVA Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine will “fly” their creation in the Louisville Red Bull Flugtag competition. As their proud sponsor, Dentist Insurance Services is excited to see how far Team Plaque Attack will fly to chomp away at the competition!

Over the last several months, the team members have been hard at work constructing their flying machine. It all started with a simple sketch on a napkin, and after a lot of hard work, creativity and crafting supplies a giant set of flying teeth was born.

Three criteria are used to judge each aircraft in the competition: flight distance, design creativity, and showmanship. Now that Team Plaque Attack has checked off the creativity box and is putting the finishing touches on their craft, the group will need to pull out all the stops to earn their showmanship points.

“We plan to do a dental type of skit on the stage before we push the craft off,” said team member John Aylmer. “Maybe people will get the importance of brushing and flossing after Team Plaque Attack flies off the stage.”

After their skit, the team will board their flying dental machine and fight gravity for as long as they can. We wish them good luck, happy flying and a nice dry towel at the end!

Dentist Insurance Services is a proud Sponsor of Team Plaque Attack, supporting Dentists in all of their goals and ambitions!

Check out how the Flugtag team brought their flying machine to life!

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