Claim Scenario: Hired & Non-owned Auto

Rick Dentist, DDS has a patient coming in for her dentures at 11 a.m. It is already 10:30 a.m. and the dental lab still has not dropped them off at the office.  Dr. Smith does not want to reschedule the patient so he asks his receptionist to go to the lab to pick them up in her car, which usually occurs a few times a week.  As soon as the receptionist pulls out of the driveway she rear ends another car.  After calling the police, the receptionist realizes the other driver has no insurance and she knows the other driver is going to be looking for her to cover the damage and medical bills.  Without thinking, the receptionist indicates that she was just leaving the dentist office to pick up the dentures and feels awful about the accident.

A few months pass and Dr. Smith receives a letter in the mail from an attorney indicating that he is responsible for the damages that his employee caused given she was in the scope of work.  Dr. Smith quickly calls his insurance agent and learns that he has hired/non-owned coverage and that he will not have to pay anything out of pocket given this accident occurred in the scope of employment. If he did not have this coverage, his practice could be held liable for the damages that his employee caused. Make sure your office insurance policy has Hired & Non-owned auto liability insurance!!

heidi-stearnBy Heidi Stearn- The Hartford

Heidi Stern is the Outpatient Healthcare Program Director for The Hartford where she is responsible for working with Dentist Insurance Services on the Dentist Insurance Program. To learn more, please call Dentist Insurance Services at 800-877-7597 or email [email protected]

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