Dentist Insurance Services clients receive their billing directly from the insurance carrier, and they have set up special billing departments to answer all of your questions. We have listed below each of these companies, the phone number for their billing departments and a link to their websites for online information.


Insurance Company Billing Number Insurance Company Billing Number
21st Century Insurance 1-800-633-4028 Golden Rule (United One) 1-800- 474-4467
Aetna 1-888-422-2128 Hartford Insurance- Auto 1-800-423-6789
Ameritas 1-800-659-2223 Hartford Insurance- Business 1-877-853-2582
Bankers Insurance Group 1-800-627-0000 Hartford Insurance- Flood 1-800-296-7542
Florida Blue 1-866-946-2583 Humana 1-800-232-2006
Capital Health Plan 1-850-383-3311 Montgomery Insurance (Safeco) 1-877-566-6001
Chicago/Marsh Affinity 1-800-503-9230 Northern Capital 1-888-449-0140
Cigna 1-954-514-6600 Old Dominion 1-800-611-0958
Citizens Insurance Florida 1-888-685-1555 Physicians Preferred 1-888-524-3144
Florida Doctors Insurance Co. 1-800-352-3627 United Health Care 1-888-UHC-HLP1
The Doctors Company/FPIC 1-800-741-3742 Zenith 1-800-440-5020
FWCJUA 1-941-378-7400 Zurich/Foremost 1-866-315-8445